Paul Beresford

Paul Beresford Profile PictureExplosive Detection Dog Handler

Paul Beresford joined the Army 2nd November 1992 and has served in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany and Cyprus. He has also completed operational deployments to Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

During his career, he has been employed mainly within force protection and Infantry roles:

  • In 1993 Paul deployed to Bosnia on his first Operational tour, Operation Grapple as part of the United Nations Protection Force.
  • Paul has also specialized as an All Arms Dog Handler working in Cyprus and Germany.
  • Whilst serving in Germany as a Dog Handler, Paul aided in the arrest of two IRA suspects, earning himself a Commanding Officers Commendation.
  • During his time in Cyprus Paul work as an Attack dog handler team leader. In this role, he was responsible for conducting high profile security patrols, and training with both Army and RAF dog handler teams. 

His operational experience includes:

  • Supporting key operations in Northern Ireland.
  • In Iraq working as a section 2IC conducting security patrols and providing real time support and security to key military bases.
  • Two 7 month tours in Afghanistan as an infantry section commander.

Paul also spent eight years working as a military training instructor teaching weapons, tactics, and first aid. During his time in this role he delivered and led over 20 PNCO courses educating junior solders in the tools required to become commanders and develop leadership skills.

Paul has also conducted CIED and search awareness training at battalion level for the purpose of deploying support teams on operations.

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