David Padfield

NASDU Level 4, Explosive Detection Dog Handler

Chief Constable Commendations


David Padfield Profile PictureFor exceptional commitment to duty and extremely high professional standards. Evident when dealing with complex and critical issues during planning and operation of three Royal events commanding worldwide attention in Windsor during June 1999


For commitment and professionalism when off duty chased and detained a burglar armed with a prohibited weapon. Although receiving injuries held on to the offender until Police arrived.


For courage and professionalism during a terrorist attack at Reading Railway Station. Knowing that a live device had already been discovered, continued to search the platforms and track until a second device detonated on the track close by.

Police Dog Handling Experience

During a total of 27 years, I have had 6 dogs:

  • 1 GP (German Shepherd)
  • 4 explo dogs (springer, border collie, German wire haired pointer, Labrador cross)
  • 1 drugs dog (springer)


Explosive Detection Dog Handler at RFA Security


The Counter Terrorist Wing, Counter Terrorist Adviser, Thames Valley Police

  • Requalified as a PolSA
  • Qualified to use FOXRAY portable XRay equipment
  • HazMat ID and CBRN specialist search
  • Safety Officer specifically within the Hot Zone of an incident
  • Qualified to use BA apparatus with Royal Berks Fire and Rescue


The Counter Terrorist Wing, Thames Valley Police

After retiring as a police officer immediately took a role as a civilian back on previous search unit, The Counter Terrorist Wing


Operations and Events Planning, Windsor, Thames Valley Police

Had significant role in the planning (writing operation orders) and logistics of the policing input to hundreds of events occurring each year in the Windsor and Maidenhead Police area. This included:

  • a number of State Visits
  • two Royal Weddings
  • two Royal Funerals.
  • Major sporting events like Royal Ascot and the Royal Windsor Triathlon (Olympic qualifying event).

1999 Shrievalty Award

Awarded while serving in Berkshire East Operations and Events Planning Dept. Given by the High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire for the Police department which had brought the most credit to the Force that year.


Police Search Advisor (PolSA) and Drugs Dog Handler, Thames Valley Police

Responsible for planning Counter Terrorist and high risk missing person searches within Thames Valley


Counter Terrorist Advisor, Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley at the time was the busiest force in the country for VIP search outside the Metropolitan Police District. Role involved handling an explosives search dog, personally averaging over 220 searches per year, advising on or attending every explosive related incident within the force area, that included Bomb Threats, Suspicious Packages, Conventional Munitions finds. Where necessary if Military Bomb Disposal attending the scene, ensure that all necessary actions taken so that the ATO can concentrate on the incident.


General Purpose Dog Handler, Thames Valley Police


Moved from GP handling to an explosives dog search unit, specialising in explosives and VIP search.


Force Police Dog Trials Champion and runner up 1989 both those years competed in South East Region Police Dog Trials (Kent and Surrey) coming 12th and 5th respectively.


Reponse Police Officer, Thames Valley Police

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